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Facebook advertising cost

6 simple ways to reduce your Facebook advertising cost when promoting your skills or services.

With a little planning, you can reduce your Facebook advertising cost, whilst also ensuring that you get the best possible results from your…
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10 steps to grow your business using Facebook groups

  Have you tapped into the potential of Facebook groups? Are you active on Facebook with your personal profile as well as using…
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Social media can grow your business and get new customers and leads

Why you need a multi-faceted social media strategy

Why a multi-faceted social media strategy? As business owners and marketers, with pressure to get everything done as quickly as possible, social media…
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Facebook ads results for small businesses

Have you jumped too far too fast with Facebook Ads?

  You know what shiny object syndrome is, don't you? Jumping from one new idea to the next without properly implementing, testing or…
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