What is Facebook remarketing and why should all small businesses use it?

Facebook remarketing made simple Have you heard about Facebook remarketing, retargeting or custom audiences and wondered what on earth those terms refer to?…
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Facebook Boost Post quietly evolved – see why this is amazing

What do you think of Facebook Boost Post? Facebook has quietly unveiled a new feature in Facebook Boost Post that will make a…
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How to use facebook Ads for Small Businesses

11 myths about Facebook Ads for Small Businesses that could stop you in your tracks – and how to bust them!

  You don't need me to tell you that Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing on the planet…
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Facebook advertising cost

6 simple ways to reduce your Facebook advertising cost when promoting your skills or services.

With a little planning, you can reduce your Facebook advertising cost, whilst also ensuring that you get the best possible results from your…
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Facebook ads results for small businesses

Have you jumped too far too fast with Facebook Ads?

  You know what shiny object syndrome is, don't you? Jumping from one new idea to the next without properly implementing, testing or…
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Facebook lead generation adverts banner

Facebook Lead Generation Adverts – What Are They and How to Set Them Up

Have you heard all the buzz recently about Facebook Lead Generation Adverts, but you're not quite sure about what they are, why they’re…
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Using Facebook ads to grow your business

6 Ways to Grow your Business with Facebook Ads (that you might not have thought of.)

Do you use Facebook ads?   Facebook advertising is now an essential part of many small business owners’ and marketers’ toolkits – and…
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Facebook ads optimisation for best results

7 ways to get the best from your Facebook ads

Are you using Facebook ads to help you grow your business? They are easy and quick to set up, and can give massive…
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Social media strategy

Attract and keep more customers with an effective social media or Facebook ads strategy.

    Using social media effectively is a no-brainer for business growth - your customers are there and you can interact with them and…
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Facebook ads are not for selling!

Are Facebook ads turning you into a pushy salesperson?

  Do you use Facebook adverts? I do – and I recommend them to all my clients too! They’re one of the most…
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