Twitter to give positive feedback

10 ways to make someone smile today using Twitter – and why it’s so important

Let me ask you a question ... Would you be more attracted to a person who makes you smile, gives your day a…
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Facebook ads network cables

How to build a crowd who want to buy from you, using Facebook advertising

If you’ve taken an interest in social media or marketing, for any length of time, you will know that they both revolve around…
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Image of Facebook gift

How to ramp up your Facebook marketing with 3 metrics hidden in Facebook Insights.

  Great! You’re using Facebook to market your business!   How’s it going? Are you getting the results you wanted? Or are you…
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Facebook ads – how to maximise both your leads and your brand positioning, whilst avoiding a costly mistake.

Facebook ads are one of the best tools known to mankind at the moment for quickly and easily generating new enquiries, customers and…
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Facebook competitions – rules are made to be changed!

Did you catch the news about Facebook’s about-turn on running competitions? Many businesses are using competitions run on their Facebook Page as a…
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How social media can win you that award

Have you ever entered, or been nominated for an award, only to find that you have to amass votes (or comments on a…
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Twitter – business generator or energy-suck?

    Do you use Twitter for business? Great! Are you on top of it and in control? Or do you find yourself…
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Why are you on LinkedIn?

  LinkedIn has seen a huge surge in popularity recently as business owners have cottoned onto the fact that it is THE social…
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How to get your Facebook Page from puny seedling to fruit-bearing tree Part 1.

   Are you all set to market your business on Facebook?   So you’ve set yourself up a Facebook business Page, probably because…
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Is your business LinkedIn?

LinkedIn – are you there? It is the place to be as it’s results (which consistently out-perform what the analysts predict) show -…
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