How two words can power up your social media marketing

            Do you want your audience to sit up and take notice of the posts you share on…
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How double the impact of every Facebook Live (by avoiding the one-night stand effect!)

  Are you using Facebook Live for your business? Do you want to know how to make the very most of this amazing…
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How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

11 creative ways to use Facebook Live to easily attract leads and customers

  Are you using Facebook Live to attract new leads, enquiries and customers to your business? Or are you putting off getting started…
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10 steps to grow your business using Facebook groups

  Have you tapped into the potential of Facebook groups? Are you active on Facebook with your personal profile as well as using…
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Social media can grow your business and get new customers and leads

Why you need a multi-faceted social media strategy

Why a multi-faceted social media strategy? As business owners and marketers, with pressure to get everything done as quickly as possible, social media…
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Facebook ads optimisation for best results

7 ways to get the best from your Facebook ads

Are you using Facebook ads to help you grow your business? They are easy and quick to set up, and can give massive…
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Get more customers with Twitter

Want to grow your business? You need these lessons from The Great British Bake Off Final 2015 and Twitter.

    Did you watch the Great British Bake-Off Final #GBBOFinal ? You weren’t alone! Apparently (according to The BBC) over 14 million…
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Small businesses can get more leads and customers through marketing on Twitter and social media.

Are you putting your best customers off on Twitter? 5 common pitfalls – and how to fix them!

Are you using Twitter for social marketing? Twitter is a brilliant social network to be on – it’s so easy to find the…
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Social media strategy

Attract and keep more customers with an effective social media or Facebook ads strategy.

    Using social media effectively is a no-brainer for business growth - your customers are there and you can interact with them and…
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Facebook ads are not for selling!

Are Facebook ads turning you into a pushy salesperson?

  Do you use Facebook adverts? I do – and I recommend them to all my clients too! They’re one of the most…
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