“You are brilliant. I’ve tried some of your ideas and you have probably seen the results. Just this morning as a result of your advice the BBC have made contact, the daily Telegraph have retweeted us and also placed us on one of their web pages…”

– Andy Turner –
Brothers on Bikes

“Hey Julia, thanks for being a great sounding board & ass kicker yesterday. Brain was suitably discombobulated, but this quickly gave way to a strategic clarity of what I must do to become a millionaire next year. I knew you would be more than a Social Media Queen & you didn’t disappoint”

– Dave Stickland –
Director, The Store Guru

“Julia was very open, friendly and approachable and put me at ease to ask any questions or seek clarification on any points. I would be happy to recommend her to others.”

– Stuart Williams –
Black Code, Shropshire

“Highly recommended for serious business owners who value expert advice.”

– David Holland –
Infusionsoft expert, Exela.

“If you need someone to help you deliver training to you or your team, then Julia will deliver for you in spades.”

– Tim Savage –
Head of BGAs

“You truly are THE expert in this field and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thanks again.”

– Richard Stinson –
Brookstone Web and Graphic

“I have known Julia for a couple of years now, and she has always been this bundle of amazing energy and enthusiasm.
She is always smiling, laughing and an absolute pleasure to be around. But more importantly than all of this, she is an expert at what she does.
Most recently I have had some 1-2-1 support with Julia and I have already noticed a big difference in my success rate.
I love working with Julia and look forward to continuing to do so in the future, I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Thanks Julia you’re a SUPERSTAR!!!”

– Lucy Ignatiatidis –
Iguana Solutions