Twitter to give positive feedbackLet me ask you a question …

Would you be more attracted to a person who makes you smile, gives your day a little lift, and generally makes you feel good, or to someone who talks about plenty of interesting stuff but who doesn’t really give you a positive buzz?


We all know the answer to that is – the first one (although there will always be exceptions to every rule!)

So, as a business, do you create and use opportunities to share a little zing and feel-good factor?

It should be high on your list of priorities, as it goes without saying that people who feel positive about you are more likely to buy from you, recommend you to others and shout about you from the roof-tops!

One of the easiest networks for sharing little rays of love on is Twitter – because of the immediacy of interactions there.

So, just in case you need inspiration for making someone smile today – here are some ideas for you to try that will have an immediate effect:

  1. 1. Re-tweet their tweet with a positive comment (but only if it’s genuinely meant!)
  2. Thank them when they follow, favourite or re-tweet you, with a compliment about something mentioned in their bio.
  3. If they share a tweet about having achieved something, respond with a positive reply exuding interest and excitement (I very often tweet ‘yaaaaaay’ or ‘whoooop’ but you’ll need to find the language that suits you and your brand.)
  4. Share a link to an article they will find interesting with them
  5. Add them to a public list which has a very complimentary title and description (who wouldn’t want to be added to, for example ‘the very best … on Twitter’!)
  6. Introduce them to someone who could help their business in a tweet
  7. Give them a public recommendation or ‘shout-out’ with a reason why you think they’re so ace
  8. Publicly comment on something they’ve worked on, presented or written recently that you think is great
  9. Share a funny or meaningful image in a tweet to them
  10. Tweet publicly about why others should follow them.



Think about it – how often do you focus on making your prospects, current customers, or referrers feel great?


Try weaving it in to your regular social media activity and see what an impact it has

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