I wanted to bring this to your attention: Promoted Tweets.

This is a new product of Twitter’s still in the beta-testing phase. Twenty companies are currently using it so their results can be analysed. The new tool gives us a flavour of the way things could be going as regards developments in Twitter.  It appears that the direction they are taking is towards marketing and promotional uses of their platform. As businesses and social media managers, we need to be up to speed with these new products so that we can run with them and start getting results with them as soon as they are available.

Mongoosemetrics is one of the companies testing the new application and they recently wrote a brief report about their experience, all of which is positive, as far as I can see:http://ht.ly/3g2lG .

They listed the advantages of using Promoted Tweets as –

  • your Klout score (perceived influence) will significantly improve (theirs went from 43 to 70 in under a month);
  • follower count increases (theirs increased by 700 in the same time frame);
  • conversions from leads increase (and if you do it right, you can track conversions and actions)
  •  brand awareness increases (they say that their Promoted Tweets have been viewed more than 150,000 times and that more than 3,000 people have engaged with their content; influencers have noticed and website traffic is up.)

To summarise, ”it appears that Promoted Tweets, and the related anlaytics platform, will be powerful tools for marketers” and for marketers, read businesses! These could be the results that we are getting for your business!

More power to your elbow in the wonderful world of Twitter!