How two words can power up your social media marketing

            Do you want your audience to sit up and take notice of the posts you share on…
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Small businesses can get more leads and customers through marketing on Twitter and social media.

Are you putting your best customers off on Twitter? 5 common pitfalls – and how to fix them!

Are you using Twitter for social marketing? Twitter is a brilliant social network to be on – it’s so easy to find the…
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Twitter to give positive feedback

10 ways to make someone smile today using Twitter – and why it’s so important

Let me ask you a question ... Would you be more attracted to a person who makes you smile, gives your day a…
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How social media can win you that award

Have you ever entered, or been nominated for an award, only to find that you have to amass votes (or comments on a…
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Twitter – business generator or energy-suck?

    Do you use Twitter for business? Great! Are you on top of it and in control? Or do you find yourself…
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Is your business LinkedIn?

LinkedIn – are you there? It is the place to be as it’s results (which consistently out-perform what the analysts predict) show -…
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Olympic Stadium and Orbit Tower, London

How can the Olympics inspire us in business?

What has The Olympics meant to you?     The whole spectacle seems to have had a far huger impact than expected on…
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If the Queen can do it then so can you!!

Do you use the real power of Twitter?   I was earwigging a conversation on train recently – in fact, it was when…
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Are you localising your social media approach?

Segmentation, marketing aimed at smaller local groups rather than great swathes of people….is it just me or does there seem to be a…
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Do you want to be re-tweeted?

Do you want to boost your re-tweet rate on twitter? Not only do re-tweets help make you feel all warm, fuzzy and appreciated, they also…
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