Hey! I know there are still plenty of business owners who can’t fathom out the difference between a personal profile and a business Page on Facebook and how the two are different.


But it’s a kinda crucial thing to understand. You can’t progress with strategy without understanding the potential.

So I’ve distilled the differences down into the ┬ámain key points (not all by any stretch of the imagination) to make it clearer to get to grips with.


The main thing to get to grips with really is the fact that your personal profile is like the office assistant, pinning up new notes about meetings, for sale notices, thank you cards and invites to events on the office noticeboard. Said noticeboard of course is your Facebook Page. This analogy extends to cover the cut off Facebook has defined in communication between individuals and brands too – the conversation has to be started by a human. Makes sense if you think about the noticeboard really.

I hope this infographic helps. Please let me know in the comments – and post any further queries or questions you might have. Thanks!




Infographic of top differences between the 2  types of profile on Facebook and how to use them.