Having written my last blog about a different kind of social media platform, I couldn’t wait to write about this when I heard about it.

Go Try It On is the brainchild of 26-year-old New Yorker Marissa Evans. She wanted to solve the problem of getting an unbiased point of view when trying on new clothes in a changing room.

The site lets users upload photos to share publicly or just with friends, in order to get their opinion. You can also make new friends. As Marissa says, “You’re talking to people in London, Tokyo, Brazil, who have a great sense of style whom you’d never be able to reach otherwise and they give you feedback on a look. It’s the digital version of shopping.”

Go Try It On was launched a year ago but has grown quickly and now has over 20,000 registered users and over a million opinions. Marissa explains that using the site is the way to make fashion objective rather than subjective. It’s not yet making money, but does focus on collecting data, such as the number of wears or number of changes.

Marissa quotes a lovely example of a girl about to go on a blind date who asked opinion on 2 different outfits. She wore the one she’d been recommended and came back the next day for feedback on 2 more outfits she’d picked .. for her second date!