Ben Hunt-Davies and BrambleBuzz


(Picture – Olympic Gold medallist Ben Hunt-Davies with yours truly….)

Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

What did it mean to you? Personally I felt moved to tears in some parts and the next I was crying with laughter. Did it have that effect on you too?

I think one thing we can all agree on is that it was exhilarating, unexpected, amazing and unique. You couldn’t really compare it with anything could you? And wow, was it memorable?!!


What can we learn from this? Well, I for one would be considering what I can do in my business to give me the same degree of untouchable uniqueness as was shown at that event.

If I can do that then I know that the customers that matter will want to buy from me, with no question as to price, as my message to them will be utterly compelling. This can only happen, of course, if I know my target customers really well, down to what type of breakfast cereal they like to eat. This requires some deep and creative thought. Are you up for that?


How can I make my business stand out from the crowd?

How can I make my business stand out from the crowd so much that there just is no comparison?

The question should probably be:

“How can I take elements of challenge, humour, education and creativity and parcel them all up into something that my target audience will love?”

Remember it’s OK to lose those that don’t get it along the way –  if they don’t get it, then they won’t get you and you don’t want to work with people who don’t understand and value what you do.


So – how can you set the Olympic standard in your business? What will you be doing differently to win yourself that gold medal?


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