LinkedIn has seen a huge surge in popularity recently as business owners have cottoned onto the fact that it is THE social media platform where people are in business mode, rather than leisure mode. So they are free to ‘talk business’ rather than take a chance with the mindset of the audience.


For most of us, there will be a number of reasons why we use LinkedIn, but they will include

  1. Finding the right people to connect with and introducing ourselves
  2. Being found by the right people
  3. Building relationships with people we have recently met

Woman and profile description

In each of those instances, the way we present ourselves is, obviously, going to be an important factor in our success.

How do we present ourselves on LinkedIn? Well, on an individual basis, it’s via our profiles.


So why, if we acknowledge that it’s an important place for us to be active, do so many people have profiles that say virtually nothing that would induce anyone to do any more than take a cursory glance and move on?

Sure, it’s not a dating site, but is loading up two paragraphs from your cv really saying to people you meet on LinkedIn that you’re serious about getting to know them? You aren’t giving the impression that you’ve put much thought or effort into your profile, so what will that leave people to think?


Your profile is what will often determine someone’s first impression of you. What do you want that impression to be?


The answer to that will be different for every business, but it’s an important question. Would you just write a few lines for your website and be happy to leave it at that, or would you take time to craft the right words to convey exactly what you want visitors to know and think about your business.


Well, so it should be with your LinkedIn profile.

Why not make time this week to review your profile?  At the very least, check whether it’s fully up-to-date. Then test whether it answers the majority of these questions:


What do you want to be known for?

What benefits do people get from doing business with you?

What’s in it for them?

Why should anyone connect with you?

What is your unique blend of skills and experience that your business and customers benefit from?

How do you help people?

How have your past roles contributed to what you now offer?

What do your customers and clients love about you?

Why would people choose to do business with you rather than with anyone else?


If it doesn’t then I suggest you’ve either got some work to do, or you need to ask yourself whether you should be on LinkedIn at all.